A lightweigth MySQL to PostgreSQL replica system

pg_chameleon MySQL to PostgreSQL replica system

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The chameleon logo was made by Elena Toma

pg_chameleon is a replication system for replicating MySQL schemas into a target PostgreSQL database.

The latest release is the 2.0.0

pg_chameleon is Python 3.3+ compatible.

The system can read from multiple MySQL schemas and replicate them it into a target PostgreSQL database.

A conservative approach to the replica is implemented. The tables which generate errors during the replay are automatically excluded from the replica.

The init_replica, sync_tables and refresh_schema processes are started in background.

The replica process is fully daemonised with two child subprocesses, one for the read and one for the replay.

pg_chameleon uses a soft approach when initialising the replica . The tables are locked only during the copy. Their log coordinates are used by the replica daemon to put the database in a consistent status gradually.

The system supports the rollbar integration for a better error detection and event monitoring (e.g. when the init_replica ends a message is sent to rollbar).

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